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Eveline Vitamin C Serum


We believe you are all well acquainted with vitamin C and its benefits in treating colds and boosting immunity through various dietary supplements or through simply making lemonade. 🍋
This powerful vitamin not only makes us healthy, it also makes us beautiful. 😁 Joke aside, vitamin C is a real bomb in the fight against the signs of aging, acne blemishes, scars and hyperpigmentation. It has anti-oxidant properties and stimulates the production of collagen, which results in radiant skin. ✨ ⠀

There are various forms of vitamin C, and currently the most popular are serums. It is important to note that this vitamin is sensitive to the sun and is therefore contained in a tinted bottle, so it must be stored properly so as not to lose its effectiveness. ⠀

Eveline Expert C is just one of the serums you can find on our online store. It contains 12% of vitamin C, and its price is Rs.1295

It is often recommended to use it during the day. If you put it in your morning routine, SPF is a must❗️ It smells like a sweet orange and is dosed on a pipette.

Apply it after washing, and before moisturizer. It is slightly sticky, but after the cream everything absorbs nicely and there are no problems. 😊 This serum gives skin ‘that something’ and makes it look healthy and radiant. If you are persistent, it will certainly help you with acne blemishes and hyperpigmentation. It doesn’t work overnight, but it works – proven! 😉⠀

In short, it is a fruit acid that protects our skin from external influences and helps it fight irregularities, while giving it a special glow and freshness. ✨ It is intended for all skin types and this makes it the king of must-have products in every routine. 🥰⠀

Do you use vitamin C in your routine? Which is your favorite?


Uniformity, radiance, smoothness, healthy and youthful appearance of facial skin. We’re all striving for that, aren’t we? Today we are talking about vitamin C, an ingredient that complements every routine and helps achieve all of the above. ✨⠀


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