You do get everything you’ll ever want in one headset, but sound quality is clearly lacking. I prefer the sound quality of the SLYR, A40, AX720, PC360 by a considerable margin.

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It also comes with a 10cm speaker and a ferrite antenna for clear sound transmission and high quality sound performance. The audio system has a power output of 770mW max and runs on battery or a 230V AC. The auxiliary power cord is removable which makes transporting this radio much more convenient. download view It also comes with a 3.5mm auxiliary jack for you to plug in your headphone or earphones if required. The radio has a dimension of 234mm x 122mm x 82mm and comes with a nice handle at the top for easy transport. If you are looking for one of the best portable radios that delivers superb sound performance and can receive a wide variety of AM and FM stations, the Panasonic RF-2400 is a great choice. The Sangean PR-D5 is fitted with an LCD that is easy to read and also contains a backlight so that viewing at night is easier.

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The T70 isn’t completely devoid of bass or warmth, but it is a bit lean, and I wouldn’t recommend it as a casual gaming headphone. Due to the extreme linearity of the LCD2’s response, I can’t say the bass is emphasized, because it is PERFECTLY in line with the mids. Seriously, if you look at the published graphs, you’d see, there is absolutely no real emphasis anywhere. The LCD-2 has bar none, the best bass I have ever heard on any headphone.

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While the XB700 isn’t one of the most undetailed headphones I have heard, the bass is still way too strong making details hard to hear. They could definitely be bigger as larger ears MIGHT make these on ear ear headphones. They stay relatively in place at all times, with not a lot of readjusting needed.

There is so much it does right, with very few caveats, which really aren’t even based off it’s fantastic sound. In my opinion, the MA900 stood nearly uncontested in the under $200 price bracket. That being said, the MA900 has been discontinued, and prices have shot up. The cable, while on the thinner side, isn’t of the horrible, ‘grippy’ rubber material, and is instead smooth, quite flexible, and very lightweight. Neither the plug, nor the entrance to the headphone itself have robust strain reliefs, so I’d be careful in yanking the cable. Another issue is that the Auxiliary Line In on the base has some background hum that gets louder as you raise the volume. It reminded me of the hum I had on my Schiit Lyr tube amp.

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